Okay, I am not a real lucky chair type of person, but in my shopping travels around SecondLife, I have picked up a quite few locations of where some lucky chairs can be found.

This list is by no means complete, and will be in constant change as shops move, remodel and close. If you have or know of a place with a lucky chair, feel free to comment on this entry or shoot me and in-game IM with the SLURL, and I'll add it to the list. Also, if any are no longer available, let me know and I will take it down.

  1. Digital Knickers - Clothing and Jewelry
  2. Cupid's Yard Sale - 4 lucky chairs, along with camping.
  3. Nantli Xolal - Several chairs from a few different shops. Hair and clothing.
  4. Le'Bear Castle - Lots lucky chairs scattered about, all giving out one piece of jewelry to complete a limited edition set.
  5. Pazazz - One chair that gives out hair.
  6. Curie Creations - Two chairs giving out furniture.
  7. French Kiss - Solo chair that has clothing every so often.
  8. Bunnee's Fashions - 4 chairs that fit into the clothing category.
  9. Royalty Mall - One chair with clothing.
  10. Eolande's Hair Accessories - 2 chairs with hair accessories, jewelry and sometimes even gift cards.
  11. Caroline's Jewelry - One chair that gives out jewelry.
  12. Cylyria's Misty Gardens - One giving away a plant of sort every so often.
  13. Fashion Treatment - Among all the plywood boxes, there is one chair here that gives out hair.
  14. HEX - One with clothing.
  15. Catt's Creations - Clothing.
  16. JD Mills - 3 chairs in one location giving away I don't know what. And one in a second location that gives away clothing.
  17. Digital Visage - 2 chairs with cosplay items, it seems.
  18. MRM Creations - A set of bracelets for one lucky person.
  19. Decadent Mall - One chair with clothing.
  20. Down Undies - One chair with underwear.
  21. Escape - A set of clothing for someone.
  22. Mistee's Discount Warehouse - One chair with interesting clothing.
  23. Lost Souls Mini Mall - This area has so many lucky chairs, I can't even begin to count them. Just walk around and there is bound to be one that has your name.
  24. S&G Footwear - A lucky chair that distributes a pair of heels for the winner. There is also an option to camp for the shoes, if you wish.
  25. Madame de Pompadour - 2 chairs catering to your clothing and hair needs.
  26. Cecelia's Sewing Shop - 1 chair with a simple outfit.
  27. House of Rosewood - 1 chair with clothing items.
  28. Rose Petal Creations - 2 chairs.
  29. Coconut Ice - A bathing suit set.
  30. Twelfth of Never - Random objects and clothing in a single chair.
  31. Looker's Yard Sale - Advertised as 2 with clothing items.
  32. Lily's Whatsits - 2 lucky chairs with clothing and accessories.
  33. Flaming Raven Designs - An entire row of lucky chairs. I counted 13 of them. O.o Seems to be hair and clothing.
  34. Laiyna's Thingamabobs - 1 chair.
  35. CKS Designs - One with various clothing items.
  36. Charlotte Hausdorff - 1 Chair with clothing.
  37. LapGirl Boutique - A single chair that give out lingerie prizes.
  38. Mouse Mart - Two chairs with all kinds of objects.
  39. Bootylicious - Two chairs giving unknown prizes.
  40. Asri Falcone Creations - One chair with clothing items. Also in the same area are two seperate chairs with clothing items.
  41. KessKreations - 3 chairs with gift certificates and awesome jewelry.
  42. Ribbons & Roses - One chair.
  43. Lucky! - One for hair~~~