Second Life residents write about all kinda of useful things. Just thinking about all the information out there makes Sai's head spin @_@


  1. 10 Cheap Things You Can Do To Market Your SL Products - Yep, as it says. Very informative article.
  2. Customer Service: The Other Side - Great article on things to do and not do when people have problems with your merchandise.
  3. Secrets to Success - An article by Gwyneth Llewelyn that explains a good strategy for making your Second Life business successful.
  4. Pimp Your Own Ride: SL Marketing 101 - How to market your products in the most cost effective ways.


  1. Proportion and Second Life Models - A nice write up on what the model Second Life resident would look like compared to a real life model.
  2. Creating A Complete Avatar - This is an interesting read that documents Nicola Escher's process in creaing an avatar. Also check out part two, which covers it's clothing and accessories.
  3. Inventory a Mess? - Interesting method to organize your inventory. While I don't really organize mine this way, its still a great idea. My inventory gets really messy sometimes. T_T
  4. Hair Building Tips - Tips on creating good prim hair. Also check out part two, where she gives a tutorial on how to create hair.