Today is day number 2 of our Rain forest Vacation! Well, We arrived last night at the rain forest, but we didn't really get any photos. I was way too exhausted after stressing about our packing photo to even think about planning out another photo once we got to the rain forest, to be completely honest. But, today, I woke up super-excited and absolutely refreshed for photo taking!

[SRB] Day 2 Rainforest Vacation Morning

I adore this photo! I made the pose, with the idea that I'm coming out of our hut, stretching and ready to take on the day! It turned out much better than I set out to do. The sim is just so photogenic, it's really hard to take a photo that just... doesn't look good. I know that I'm not the best photo-taker, and I and completely aware that I don't do the Rain forest enough justice, I think!

[SRB] Day 2 Rainforest Vacation Horseback Riding

After we had our coffee and woke up, we went on a horseback ride through the many paths that wind around the area. I had a lot of fun, really running around, exploring a lot of the things it has to offer. It was probably my first time really taking time to really immerse myself in it and explore. Lolita has turned off fly abilities on the sim, and I think it's so much better to walk and experience everything than just flying around from point A to get to point B.

[SRB] Day 2 Rainforest Vacation Dinner

We decided to end our second day of vacation with a good meal of cheeseburgers, fries, corn dogs, onion rings and soda. It was a really great day, filled with photos, exploring and fun. I'm also trying to make a lot of the poses that I'm going to use for our vacation photos (most of which I plan on putting on the marketplace to sell).

Can't wait for day 3 tomorrow! My husband is trying to get me out of the house tomorrow morning, so he can plan "something", I'm kind of nervous to see what he has cooking in his head!