Tonight, the Heartsdale's leave for vacation at the Rainforest de la Oleander! It's been a really, really long time since Sai and Jeffry actually did anything in SL together (probably ever since we moved in RL together, that's been like, 5 years). And even then, I don't think we've been on an actual SL vacation.... ever. It's about time this happened! I've been wanting to go on a vacation, and when I saw Lolita Oleander post about them on her Flickr, I knew the time has come. I made the reservations with her last week, and I've been WAY excited ever since!

I spent several days trying to put together our packing photo. It was a exhausting job of trying to accumulate enough luggage, and bags. Even more exhausting was looking through my inventory, trying to see what else can I put in the photo. I had the hardest time trying to find a pose that fit my vision. In the end, I made and went through about 50 different placements/poses around this stuff, before making this one with Anypose.

The Heartsdale's Packing for the Rainforest

It turned out so perfect, I couldn't have planned it out better. I really wish that TMP head allowed a smile, though, as it makes it look like Jeffry really despises the idea of this vacation. LOL! But it's okay, because I look excited enough for the both of us! But anyway, it's fun, silly, and perfect for us! I love it just the way it is!

I'm really going to try to take at least one photo of us a day there, because in the 5 years that we have been together in RL, we have very few SL photos of us. I really want to fill the picture frames in the house of us! All the photos in our house are super old, pre-mesh photos! THE HORROR!

So! Here's hoping for an amazing week at the Rainforest for us! I have nothing planned, because I haven't been on the sim yet - but I'm sure it will be a busy, fun week!