The RFL Family Fun Fair started yesterday! I have been SO excited for this for weeks! Mainly because, I heard that there will be bunk rentals, and it will have fun activities like camp does. OF COURSE I needed to rent a bunk there. As soon as I was able to, I logged in and immediately ran to decorate my bunk! I had no idea what kind of bunk I wanted, and even had no idea where to purchase one. But, I improvised, and while my bunk probably isn't as cool as everyone else's, I think it turned out pretty neat! A lot of the other kids seem to be camp pros, by attending the previous Camp Hardknock, and the Playdate Cruise, but this is my first "bunk decorating experience."

RFL Family Fun Fair - Bunk 01

I'm really loving this fair thing! I've been trying to go to as many event things as I can, and really enjoy as much of it as I can! I'm loving being just a kid, wearing weird things, and supporting the RFL charity! Today, I've worn weird glowing goggles, a laser gun, a KFC bucket container on my head, and a balloon headpiece! It's fun, and I'm really trying to make an attempt at coming out of my shell a little bit.

RFL Family Fun Fair - Bunk 02

While I know this is not camp, I'm really trying to treat it like it is! And that's okay, because I'm having so much fun, I can't wait to see what the rest of the week will bring for me during this fair!