So, my husband has been leaving me adorable little gifts lately for me when I log into SL. Its really reminded me why I adore this man so much, why I married him, and how lucky I am to have him. His little gifts make my day, even if they are a vase of roses sitting on our dining room table with a silly little prim card. :D


I wouldn't trade this man for anything. I don't think I write enough about him, but even on the days I feel the worst... I feel a little better just seeing a text when I wake up on my cell phone from him with the simple words that say "I love you." He does such sweet small things for me that I think I've been overlooking lately, such as his small gifts, and his "I miss you" texts on his way to work.

Its the little things I love the most about my husband... the things that he does for me to show me he cares. And, today I've made a promise to myself, that I would cherish every single one of these little things, and tell him every day how much I care for him, in return.