I spent a good chunk of the weekend playing Aion, with my SL husband. I've been wanting to get to level 30 so I could buy my level 30 wings, and get my first piece of "Mercy" chain armor for my chanter. Last weekend was one of Aion's Double Experience Weekends, so we took advantage of it and reached level 30 on Saturday. And, I managed to finally buy my new wings, get my armor, and do some crafting. So happy!

Aion Lvl 30 Wings

Though a while ago, to get the second piece of armor in that set, Jeffry and I created new characters (him a sorcerer, and me a templar) to level them up to level 30 as well. When I tried logging my templar in again, my screen kept freezing and restarting my computer was the only thing that fixes it. Even then, I get about 5 seconds after everything loads, and it freezes again.

So, I set up a support ticket with NCSoft, who told me that my computer is running too hot, which is affecting performance. I've opened the computer case and have a huge fan blowing in there, so we'll see if I'm able to play tonight.