I'm not sure my husband will be very happy with me blogging this photo, but I think I'm going to take my chances. (Sometimes I make him sound so mean in my posts, but he's really the sweetest guy you'd ever meet xD)

Our home is something that I'm constantly working on, I never seem to be satisfied with how its furnished, and there's always something I want to change. My current projects now is the entryway, and the artwork for the bedroom. No matter what I put down, it just doesn't feel right in the room. And, Jeffry always lets me do whatever I want to our home. If I tell him what new thing I did to the room, he always just says "Oh, that's cool, honey :D" ... Even when I told him I was going to rez pet pigs all over the house. o.O

For the entry, I was experimenting with pianos for the middle focus piece, and came across this piano from Belle Belle in my inventory. It's a bit primmy, at a little over 100 prims, but its beautiful, and even comes with poses. You know I had to try them out (sadly, by myself last night), in my little white bikini. :O