I've been feeling very blah lately. I'm not sure why. Alee and I are apparently over. It only lasted a short time, but I have new found respect for myself, and learned lots of things about myself during my time with him.


I'm not sure why I feel so beh lately. I don't feel like shopping, don't really feel like building my new store build, and I even close all group chat windows when I log in. It seems all I want to do is sit at my land and stare at a wall lately. Its totally not fun, but, I'm not sure how to stop feeling all emo.

I do consider myself very lucky in SL. I have a home, which I love, a semi-successful store, the ability to go on random shopping sprees when I want, a couple really great friends, and a small bit of talent in a few random things. I should be able to shake this emo-ness off, consider how lucky I am - but, what's the point if I can't enjoy it all right now?

I also decided that I'm going to treat myself to getting professional photos done, to hang on my bedroom wall. I was looking to have about 3-4 photos done of myself - with a few specific ideas I have. I wonder if anyone can recommend a great photographer to me? *puppy eyes*


During this time, I decided to start playing Free Realms. Its somewhat of a good break from SL, actually having little missions to finish, do little puzzle mini-games, and explore a new, beautiful virtual world. Its fun, keeps me busy - and I'm so excited because on Friday (when my bank decides to accept my paypal money transfer) I'm planning on buying some StationCash (I guess that's their form of game currency), and a membership, so I could do more missions.

Free Realms is actually a really great game. Its not so much a chatting platform like SL is, but more of a game with goals and missions to complete. I didn't think I would like it so much, but I'm shocked, because I am totally addicted to it.