This will be another random blog post, because - my SLife is still extremely boring. :P I'm still not at my best lately, and I think I've found my cause of it. Plurk. I've put myself on plurk vacation, and I dunno if I will ever go back. ^^

Tuesday was my second rez day. It was interesting to look back at how far I've come in SL and what I've learned since I first rezzed. I learned a lot, about myself, others, and random things. I first came into SL to learn about Shinto and Buddhism as philosophy's, but somehow got sidetracked into other things. I still feel excited when I come across a temple or shrine though. :D


Anyways. :D Since I've been spending a lot of my time in SL idling away at my home, I decided to make it look at little better. The most recent addition to my land is this really cute outside sim island. It sits outside sim borders, and you can't walk to it, or walk around on it - but you can sit on it, IM, and do all sorts of normal things. Its supposed to make your land look larger, which I think it does, and its really adorable. Its a nice touch for my land, I think. :D


I'm trying to get inspired to make poses again. So, I bought this full perms grand piano, and I plan on making a couple poses around it. And yes, I do plan on including the piano prop with the pose pack. :P I took the roller things off the piano since I took this photo, they just looked strange to me xD


I was also tired of hunting around for a small, cute tattoo for my lower back, when I wear bathing suits. Summer is coming, and I plan on wearing many of them. :O So, I hunted down some hibachis photoshop brushes and made my own tattoo. Its adorable, and I love how it turned out. I might make a lighter, more faded version, slap it on all layers and send it out as a group gift to my update group. Just in case someone else might have a use for it. :D