A new house was long overdue - come on, you guys -had- to know it was coming soon, right? xD The little black house I've had on Bluebonnet originally was temporary until I found a new prefab that I don't already have.


I've been eyeing this one for a while, but - it was much more expensive than I really cared to spend. But, after seeing it at the Home & Garden Expo, I bought it from the RFL vendor, which was the only way I could justify my purchase of it. I love it because its bright, airy, chic and springy. I'm hoping it gives me more pose inspiration than my dark, gloomy, little black house. :D


I've also been working on updating my look a little bit. For the longest time I've had the same eyes and eyelashes. Hey, if it isn't broke - why fix it, right? Well, I spied Alicia wearing some really beautiful eyelashes, and pestered her to tell me where they were. FULL PRIM EYELASHES. Yes, I spent an entire day fitting each and every lash into place. XD But, they are absolutely beautiful - so worth the time I spent.

I also came across a photo in someone's plurk that made my jaw drop onto my desk. Her eyes in the picture, were so gorgeous, I ran out and shelled out $200L on them, and I think they are here to stay. They aren't as big as I'd like - I prefer big eyes because my AO makes smaller eyes look really weird - but, I think I'll sacrifice that for really beautiful eyes. :D


I also spent some time with Alee while he was building. This picture was taken while he was taking a little break - so I got a few cuddles. :D