I'm still here, still kicking. I've been working on my look recently, trying out different heads, skin combinations, and trying to find a 'new me'. However, I keep coming right back to my Catwa head, I'm not sure why. More options? More designers create for it? I've bought so many other heads, from LOGO, LAQ, Akeruka, and I've even spent a fortune at a Genesis gacha for a head. I dunno, but here we are. I do like this new-ish look I have going on now though.

[SRB] Pink Perfection

I've collected so much makeup and head pieces (brows, freckles, blushes, eyeliners, lip glosses.... oh my gosh the list goes on forever) that I have yet to use. I've really been trying to experiment more, load some that I like into my HUD and attempt to use some of them. Recently, I went to check out the Skin Fair.... we aren't even going to talk about how much stuff I ended up from that event.