Hello! It's been a while (again)! I'm still around, loving the life I live in SL! The family that my mini got adopted by in my last post, are still fabulous, I love them more and more every day that goes by! When this round's Arcade opened, I hit every yard sale I could find in search of a particular item. I really, really wanted the "Best Mother" award from the Commoner gacha. I *finally* found one, and made up a little lie to get her to take a photo with me, so that I can add our picture to it. I set up a cute little scene, and it turned out sooo perfect for the award!

[SRB] Mom and Ennaline

I ended up gifting her the Best Mother award along with the Booger's Mother's Day bears, and she really enjoyed them! It's kind of funny though, every time we get a new house, those two things are the first things she seems to rezz out. She's so much like me, it's almost crazy!

I'm loving being a child so much. I feel like, the more I run around as a child, the more it feels more "me." It's strange. But anyway, the Dragovar family are planning a camping trip, and it sounds like it's going to be so much fun! I can not wait for it! Mom and I still have to get our packing done for the trip!

As for Sai, she's still around! I really want to try to experiment with just taking random photos, not just for the fashion blog. But just for fun! I've been playing with lens flares a little bit, and am quite happy with this one.

[SRB] Playing With Lens Flares

I love how photogenic this dress is, it's absolutely gorgeous! I've been checking out quite a few events, lately, and nothing is really catching my eye. I'm in a bit of a fashion slump, I guess you can say. But, as soon as I saw this dress, I matched it with this perfect pose in my mind, and away it went! Love it!