Alicia Chenaux is doing the Big Bad Blogger Challenge again this year, and you know I had to participate. I love the BBBC, so it should be fun to blog every day this week. I even decided I would blog every day for one week on my fashion-y blog too. Maybe I'll get to clear out some outfit photos I've been hoarding.

But anyway, I thought I would blog a little about the new skybox I put down a couple days ago. I was looking at houses to put down on land, but the one I wanted was way too expensive for me to buy. So, I started looking at skyboxes again.


I fell in love with this one. It has a bathroom and a separate room for baby Jasmine as well! Not very many prefabs come with an extra bedroom, I always find myself modding a second room onto houses for her (well, okay, The 2nd bedroom in this house is supposed to be an office, but a couple curtains, and its a bedroom). This is total perfection in a box. :D

And, I love having a husband who lets me change homes all the time with my prefab addiction. I try to keep it minimum for him, but whenever I ask him if I can change skyboxes, he says "I'll love whatever you put down, just make sure Jasmine has a room." :)