Today's BBBC2010 topic was pretty simple. List 3 things that make SL positive for me. But still, for some reason, I had to think about it. I mean, my number one was a given. But the other 2? I was not sure. After thinking about it though, I came up with my three things.


1. Jeffry. Obviously. He's the one that's most positive in SL to me, and I always look forward to when we log in together, whether it be to watch a silly movie, or just curl up in bed and do some cuddling. Our daughter, Jasmine falls under number one as well. Both marrying Jeffry, and the birth of our baby girl were such positive experiences in my Second Life existence, I never even imagined I'd be doing either one. And never, ever, in either life, did I imagine I'd have met my SL husband in RL, AND become his real life fiancee.

2. My Blog. Without it, I don't know where I'd be. It has been my little log of adventures, and for a long time, it kept me moving in SL. I have no doubt that I would have left without my precious blog. In a time when I was feeling my lowest, I kept posting, looking forward to my next blog post, and it became something that made me happy. I remember way back when I first started it, I wanted to just log my SL explorations for future use, but then it became so much more to me. It's now a log of my adventures, heartbreak, and happiness. As silly as it is, I love sharing bits of my SL experiences with the blog (and/or blog readers), and its more of my diary now, as it's evolved and grown up with me through these 3 years.

3. My Home. My home is such a positive place for me, and it makes me happy in ways that I can't even explain. It's wonderful to come home to a place that I know I can be alone, to cuddle my husband in privacy, and sort inventory in peace. It's soothing to know that when I log back in the next day, I won't get bombarded with people asking me : "want sex? i have hotel" at an infohub when I have no home to log out at (and yes, I have been asked that, in the past). It's my little place of quiet, in a SL world that is so loud and unpredictable. Also, who doesn't love to come home to a place that is always tidy and filled with beautiful things? And, where in the world would I put a piano in my RL home? :)

Life is wonderful, sometimes it just takes a few minutes to sit back and realize what you have, and not what you want. This was a great topic to write about. :)