I'm still alive, I swear. I've been dealing with some drama, which has sapped tons of energy from me, but has in return been my blessing in disguise. It's made me take a closer look at people I consider friends, and rid myself (taken off my friends list and muted) those who need cleansing from my life. And, I thank my husband, Jeffry, for everyday he talked me down from doing something incredibly stupid on a whim that I would regret later. So, I have channeled this negative energy into a couple positive projects and various different things in SL.

One of these things being - this little project that Chestnut Rau has going on. The project is simple - for 365 days, you post a picture of your life in SL. I intend to participate, its such a simple, great idea. And I'd love to see how I grow throughout the year.

Jeffry / Sai

While, I am rarely alone in SL - I spend most of my time with my husband. And we are usually at home together, cuddled up in bed, or on our hammock. So, I think the majority of my posts about this will be photos of Jeffry and I. I've asked him if he was okay with this - and he seems to be all for the idea. :D

I'll also definitely miss some days in this project, but I'm thinking it should be fun to at least get 300 blog posts through a year. :D

And, I have spent all morning working on changing my blog layout. It's a premade free layout I found on the interwebs somewhere, but I did some tweaking, to it, and am SO excited its up and working. *basks in her awesomeness*