So, 2 months ago, if you had asked me to change skins, I would have laughed and took it as a joke. I rarely change skins. I go through stages, only really updating my skin when something better comes out. I normally stay with only one skin for several months. However, I just changed my skin late last month.

I was doing a little organizing of my inventory, when I came across a folder from a popular skin store, with a group gift in it. I put it on - omg, LOVE. It makes me look more mature, more sexy, but still cute at the same time. I love it, and the body is soooo well done, with a bit of shininess to it too. And the boob shading. OMG, its perfect.


I think the skin is sooo Sai. And this HAIR. I love it, and I haven't taken it off since I bought it. I warned Jeffry that I might never take it off. I've been trying to get Jeffry and I into Octoberville, but it's been full, and I can never seem to TP there, so I have decided I will not change clothes until we go visit Octoberville together. XD Its the perfect outfit to run around a fall inspired sim in.


I've been playing around with Picnik too - its so great, you can upload a photo and do photoshop-like things to it, like add grain, tint, add blurs, soften the photo and all. I couldn't help not editing one of these photos, and I think it came out really interesting. Photo taken in our home, edited totally by Picnik (Go try it, its awesome!).