Geez! Has it really been so long since my last blog post? Sometimes, I swear I forget I even have a blog! Anyway, a couple of months ago, I actually moved to a sim that I LOVE. It's a small, cozy, family sim that really just has one extended family living on it. I consider myself very, very lucky to have been chosen to live among them. Of course, as soon as I saw the opportunity to live there, I jumped on it. However, I never really posted about it, I'm not sure why. Even in my last blog post, where we are packing to go to Greece, I took the photo there. I didn't even mention it, oops!

While I have been living there, I haven't really put much effort into making it 'home' though. I had a house, furniture, and a little bit of landscaping, but eh. I was growing bored with the house, and decided to get a new one. Once I plopped the new house on the land, I really made an effort into making it feel like a place I will feel proud of. After all, I love living on this sim, I should show it!

I spent all weekend trying to figure out what I want to do with it, adding furniture, buying new furniture, landscaping it.... It's been rough! But, I finally got a result I am in love with!

[SRB] Coal Valley - 01

The front of the house. It's peaceful, happy, and looks like it belongs in a postcard, I think. LOL! I love the front of this house, cause of the front deck. I chose this house for fall, because of the decking. I LOVE to decorate for the seasons, and this will make a fantastic place for fall pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, and all the adorable Halloween things! I'm so hoping that the House To House Trick or Treating happens again, I loved it so much last year!

[SRB] Coal Valley - 02

The back of the house! I have a little pond area, and off to the left side of the photo is a little cinema/movie area. I do need to find some outdoor seating for it that I like, so that's a work in progress right now. Also, the upstairs deck is a work in progress as well, as I need even more outdoor seating up there! (Why are they so difficult to find?)

But, all in all, not bad! I'm really proud of it!