Yesterday, was day number two of the Start of Summer camp! I'm really struggling, having a difficult time there, to be honest. I do not know many people, everyone has their cliques, and it's hard to fit in, especially for me. In RL, I have huge social anxiety, and yes, it applies in SL the same way.

[SRB] SOS Camp - Day 02

I'm having trouble finding beautiful places to take photos in, the sim is not photogenic at all. And, the activities really aren't the type of activities I enjoy. I was really hoping for things like building classes, dancing, actual scheduled movies.... but there's nothing really that I find entertaining enough. I think I look more forward to the breakfast/lunch/dinner events, than anything else. Even then, everything is so cliquey that I find it not very fun at all.

The counselors have their favorites, it's easy for me to get overlooked and ignored. I also find one counselor REALLY hard to understand when he is talking on voice. I can never understand a single word he says. Which makes it more difficult. *shrugs*

I was looking forward to this, I will stick it out until the end! But, in the meantime, I'm going to probably continue to do my own thing, by myself. In the meantime, I hope it gets more fun for me!