I say often in this blog, I love breedables! My obsessions with them started with the sionChickens, moved on to sionCorn, Ozimals, KittyCatS, and also Meeroos at one time. I tried them all, but I wanted something... I don't know... Bigger, I guess? I toyed with the idea of Biobreeds, but I could not find that they had a golden retriever (BTW, how can you not have a golden retriever, they are one of the top breeds!). I started to explore the option of Amaretto horses. Could not find a single one that looked nice to me. Then! While on a sim where people sell their breedables, I found a different style of a horse for sale. It was not an Amaretto. After inspecting it, I was determined to find where to get it. Turns out, they are created by Awesome Breed Creations... and I needed them in my life.

These horses are gorgeous, and very real looking. Instant love for me! The downside to these, is that the documentation leaves much to be desired. It gives you basics, but other than that, it's pretty much a figure it out as you go type of thing. Also, like some other breedables, they are expensive! Ugh. Perhaps it is because there is not that many people that have them, it's still kind of monopolized? I don't know! I was coming from KittyCatS, where I just liked the basic ones - I don't need any fancy ones anymore, I paid maybe L$150-$300 on one.

Okay. Let's meet my horses!


Meet Amelia and Rory! (Any Doctor Who fans out there?) I searched sim by sim for a "cheaper" set of horses. And sadly, this is what I found, and still liked them. Each was L$699. But, I wanted them, so I clicked Buy. They are beautiful, and my current favorites.

It was not long until that I wanted the actual "Starter Horses". The difference between Amelia and Rory versus the starter horses, is that the babies of the starters can pull ANY traits from the gene pool. It's not just specific to the traits that mom and dad have. However, they were even more expensive, and you can't just buy two. You have to buy four. I had a small war with myself for a little while, and decided to do it. I got the 4-Pack of starter horses.


First, meet Elena and Damon (Vampire Diaries, I know. It was actually my husband's idea). They definitely are not the most attractive horses ever, but I can not wait to see what foals they will produce! The babies should not look like them, they could be vastly different.


The other two horses that came from my starter pack are Stefan and Caroline. These horses are even less attractive, but again, they are only starter horses. The babies should be adorable.

Also, what makes these horses special, is the fact that you can actually train them! Depending on what food you are feeding, you can train them to pull, stamina, speed, and sprinting. You can ride them, and the creators also hold races! They are so much fun, and gorgeous too!