I've been spending a little more time in SL! I had kind of a realization once I brought myself back to SL - I am much too skinny. Really, did I really exist almost 4 years looking like this? So, I made the decision to put a little weight on. I had a little advice from a few people on Plurk, which really helped. I'm always nervous to edit my shape, I'm really bad with proportions (that's also probably why I could never draw very well).

Gaining Weight

I have to say, I'm quite pleased with it. It's probably not much of a difference to most people, but it is a huge difference to me. I am much happier with my shape, and I love it. I think eventually, I want to go a little larger, but for right now, I need to acclimate myself to the new shape.

After I took the Before and After photo though, I did notch my height down a little bit, so that was good.