Oh, I have a blog to take care of, don't I? Well, happy easter, to those who celebrate it - in a few hours, I'll be stuffing my face with ham and potato salad, but I thought I'd come and write down a blog post first.

happy easter

I've only logged into SL a couple times the past couple weeks, mainly to clear notices. I haven't really felt like logging into SL, I think because I've lost my mojo, and distanced myself from everything I really enjoyed doing. I've found myself just sitting in the house, doing nothing. So, my will to come back to SL has been very faint.

However, I am picking my SL husband up from the RL airport in under 4 days, and as I get more nervous and excited about finally meeting him, I'm finding that I'm coming back to SL. He's been patient, and respectful of my distance from SL for the past few weeks, and when I told him to log in last night because I wanted cuddles, I think it caught him off guard :P My excitement about meeting him in RL is slowly bringing me back, encouraging me to get dressed up again, and just spend more SL time in general.

I believe Jeffry and I are going to be renewing our SL wedding vows while he's here with me in RL - So I gotta know whats new, and hot right now in SL, right? :D

I logged in to set up my stall at the pose fair a couple days ago, which was the first time I've logged in for a long-ish period of time. Then I did some inventory organizing, and last night, Jeffry logged in to spend some more time with me. It's actually been nice, and I think my little SL break has been what I needed.

As for the 365 project, obviously, with me gone for so long, its kind of.... too late for it now. I tried, I kept it up for as long as I could. Blogging that much, is not really me.