Fall is coming! I'm so excited to bring out my sweaters, boots, pumpkins, hay bales, Halloween decorations, scarecrows, leaf garlands... everything! It's my most favorite season of all! I'm so excited for fall, actually, that I made my boyfriend take an early fall photo with me! I was so excited to take this photo with him, as it was our first 'official' photo, in our first fall season together. I hope this will be one of many!

[SRB] Fall 2017 Photo

Anyway, meet Ryker, the boyfriend. I really enjoy spending time with this one, and I like him a lot. We've been dating for almost two and a half months now, and we have known each other for longer than that. I told him that I wouldn't stay anything that'd embarrass him, cause he knows how cheesy I can be. But, I'll just say... he's one of the sweetest guys you can meet, and I'm really happy to have claimed this one as mine. He's such a goofball... when we were taking the photo, instead of smiling, he did the side-smile wink thing... which fits who he is anyway. It's a perfect picture of who we are.

I made this pose, if you're interested in making your own fall (or whatever occasion) photo with it, you can buy it cheap on the marketplace!